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SpermCheck- Male Fertility Sperm Test Kit

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FMD India‘s tests are ideal to find whether the male is able to reproduce or if he has undergone a vasectomy procedure, whether the surgery was successful. Children are precious. They need tender love and care, and parents who are able to guide them through life in the best manner they can. Moreover, having a child is draining from a budgetary perspective. As such, planning a baby or having an unwanted pregnancy has a long term effect on the family. It’s best to plan for such an event or if the couple prefer not to have more children, undergo a treatment to avoid any unplanned pregnancy.

FMD India‘s kits are perfect for couples. It allows them to check for male fertility in the privacy of their homes. It helps them plan and take proper action such as consult doctors for medication, dieticians for diet management or proactively undergo a lifestyle change. For people who have undergone a vasectomy, it helps confirm if there are any chances of the couple having an unwanted pregnancy.

Happy families do not happen. They are planned. We believe our kits are a small step on the way to families happier.

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